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When it comes to learning the right internet skills and using strategic high level performance  tools for internet marketing, you are at the right place!

At Internet Skills and Tools, our approach is unique and straight forward.  Simple stated, we provide the picks and shovels and the hammers and nails.  You provide the labor and you do the construction. 

Together we will build the internet business you have always wanted.  A top ranking, high performing internet business model.  And we will do it 1 pixel at a time.  This is no race and there is no fast way to get there, no matter what they try to tell you or sell you.


Here's how a simple overview of what you will find on our website and where you will find it.   

The top buttons will give you information and insight into internet marketing and the world of blogging.  You will also find specific products on each of those web pages.

Our buy internet products button displays a variety of products all related to a the different internet skills you can learn and use to drive your business forward.  It also includes high level performance tools that strategically improve your search engine optimization, while you are promoting and driving your search engine marketing. 

In many cases these products are Affiliate products.  Affiliate products are provided by top performing internet marketers that give you access to their special systems and techniques.  In other cases our products our own and we identify them as proprietary.  We earn commissions on affiliate products and make profits on our own products. 

Our buttons along the right side of this page include our contact page if you need to reach us as well as an articles directory that includes subjects relevant to internet skills and tools for marketing online.  Especially in the areas of article marketing and video marketing, the two cornerstones to your online marketing campaign.

That is our business model and how we support our company.  This lets us provide you some great FREE insight and strategic internet marketing techniques we call "Tip of the Month".  See button on the right side of home page.  Each month we offer incredible insight into the most current methodology for internet marketing, including specific techniques, unique tips and blueprints for you to hit the streets running so toy can use them effectively.


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We call our proprietary high performance tools GIGS

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  • Have a new website, or maybe you made recent updates to your blog or site?

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  • We will ping to the top 190 search engines and websites for you to get you found and indexed instantly!

  • Includes your RSS feed (optional if you don’t have one)

  • All we need from you is: site name, site url, and RSS feed if you have one.   

  • We will provide proof of submission upon completion of order.

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Every time you post to you blog or add new content to your website, you can order another GIG and keep getting ahead of your competition!

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