Flavored Water

Flavored water everywhere and not a drop to drink...                                                    

Here's the bad news:  Walk into your neighborhood grocery store and you have no problem finding flavored water.  Flavored water today is almost as confusing as sports drinks. Flavored waters are different in contrast to enhanced, vitamin or sports waters. Flavored waters are just that, flavor and water and a sweetener if you must.  Flavored waters are growing in popularity.   Products for the most part range in price from .69¢ a bottle up to $1.99.    Some flavored waters are too sweet, others just right.  Some flavors aren't on my favorites list.

Here's the good news:  Flavored waters are a great way to improve hydration and general good health.  Flavored water is becoming a staple for diets and weight watchers as well.  Water curbs the appetite, making the stomach fill full.  Flavored water makes drinking proper levels easier and fun to do.

Here's the best news:  Flavored water now has a new low cost alternative that lets you add your favorite natural flavoring concentrate right to the water.  Best of all, you control the strength or subtleness of the flavoring by the number of drops you use.

The Perfect Flavored Water...From the Perfect Flavored Drops For Water

Personally, I've always loved bottle water.  Up until now that is.  It's just too expensive, very inconvenient to have with you all day and for me, way too expensive.  Flavored water should not feel like a premium beverage when it hits you in your wallet.

Here's a quick glance at the natural flavoring drops for water to choose from.  Flavors for both the hip-squeaks (hip Kids) in your life and the young at heart (adults of course):

Apple Blackberry Bubble Gum Cherry Cranberry

Grape Lemon Lemon/Lime Lime Mango

Mint Mango/Passion Fruit Strawberry Orange Mixed Berry

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Pomegranate Grape Acai Berry

Root Beer


So how exactly do you make the perfect flavored water?  Some people prefer their flavored water on the subtle side, others like it bold. Personally I like my flavored water right in the middle.  Point is you should be drinking water for hydration and good health. If you don’t like the taste or can’t afford the bottle waters on the market, we have a low cost alternative way to blend perfect flavored water for only pennies a serving.

You probably can always find the right bottled water to suit your tastes and then stick with that flavored water. But as you will come to find out, flavored water comes at a premium price. Not only in serving size but if you drink proper levels of water, bottled flavored waters will kill the bank. It’s also not the most convenient. Sure, you can always pack a couple of bottles with you for the day but you can’t use it everywhere you go.

Here’s another sure fire way.  It's easier and cost a fraction of the price for a bottle of flavored water. Use Yum Drops® natural flavor concentrates for water. You Blend your own perfect flavored water based on your own personal tastes.  Here's how to do it.

Start with your favorite Yum Drops® natural flavorings. Pour 8 oz or 1 cup of water into a glass. We always recommend tap water, but bottled water works fine.  We say bottled water because if you run out of bottled water you are inclined not to drink water again until you pick some up.  You always have tap water around, or water served to you in establishments.

Start with 4 drops and taste. If it’s too subtle, start over with 8 more oz of water and use 5 drops. Repeat process until you’ve reached the perfect blend of flavored water. That is what we call your target zone or benchmark. Then all you need to know is how much water you have and use the appropriate number of drops. If you start with 16 oz and the perfect flavored water is 5 drops, you will need 10 drops for the perfect blended flavored water.

One of our 1/2 oz bottles makes 5 gallons of your favorite flavored water. 

Some days I like my flavored water stronger than other days.  Just increase the flavor drops from your bench marked, blend and presto. You have the perfect blend each and every time based on your tastes for the day.  And you don't have to rely on one flavor per bottle.

Here’s another major benefit and major feature of using our flavoring concentrates. You can take it with you wherever you go and use anywhere, anytime.  One of our ½ oz bottles makes over 5 gallons of the perfect flavored water. That is literally pennies a serving.

Flavored waters are different in contrast to enhanced, vitamin or sports waters. Flavored waters are just that, flavor and water and a sweetener if you must.  So why not make your own flavored water each and every time for pennies a serving.  You can't go wrong on price or taste.

We have over 20 natural flavors to choose from.  Maybe this morning you feel like lemon flavored water, perhaps its lemon/lime in the afternoon or pomegranate for the antioxidants in good health in the evening.  The choice is yours.  Better yet, try blending flavoring concentrates by using two of our flavoring concentrates together.  For example:  blend 6 drops of peach and 2 drop on mint to 12 oz of flavored water.  Or any amount of water you decide on a 3:1 ratio.


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