Flavor Concentrates, Flavoring Concentrates

Defining the world of flavor and the role of flavor concentrates

The world of flavoring, flavor drops as flavoring additives:

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Flavoring concentrates are as varied as the flavoring companies that provide the flavoring concentrates. The following components either stand alone or combine to make what goes in a Yum Drops® flavor concentrates:

  • Flavored Oils
  • Flavored Extracts
  • Natural flavorings of  citrus, berry or fruits
  • Essence of natural flavorings

Yum Drops® flavor concentrates and flavor drops are natural flavoring concentrates.  They use either one of the flavoring concentrate components or multiple components to make our natural flavoring concentrates.

Here's a simple and easy way to understand what a concentrate is and what it means to you.  Our 1/2 bottle of flavoring drop concentrates for water makes 5 gallons of flavored water.  There are 640 oz in 5 gallons of water.  Our 1/2 oz flavoring concentrates yields 640 oz of finished water or food products.  Now you can do the math and see exactly how strong our flavor drops and flavor concentrates are by the yield it produces when you make flavored water.

 Here's another way we can measure the yield on our natural flavor drops and flavor concentrates when you can't necessarily measure the yield on a finished product like flavored water.  We say 4-6 drops per 8 oz cup of coffee.  Flavoring syrups for example require 1-2 oz per serving.  There are 240 drops in an ounce.  Once again you can now measure the yield of similar types of concentrates in this case flavoring oils versus flavoring drop concentrates.

On more example of comparing yields f our flavor drops and natural flavor concentrates.  We require 4-6 drops a typical container of whip cream.  Extracts and oils require 1-2 teaspoons: between 60-120 drops.  When you understand what a product yields that more important than the preparation or lab make up of what a flavor concentrates components are.  Mint is usually an oil based for example, but really nobody cares.

What they do care about is value, taste and convenience and Yum Drops Flavoring drops and concentrates delivers on both!

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