Alcohol Flavorings, Alcohol Free Drinks for Diabetics And Weight Loss

Alcohol Flavorings With All The Flavoring And No Alcohol or Carbs

Great for dieters, diabetics and designated drivers

Alcohol Natural Flavor Label-Amaretto

Yum Drops© natural alcohol flavoring retails for $6.95 a 1/2 oz bottle.  Use 4-6 drops per 8 oz serving.


Enhances the flavors:                                 

  • Coffee and Teas

  • Virgin Cocktails

  • Desserts and Dairy Products

  • Sodas

  • Juices

Replace real alcohol with alcohol flavorings

Our standard selling 1/2oz bottles come with tamper proof safety seal.  600 drops per bottle or 75 servings per bottle.  Now you can bring out the full flavor of that virgin cocktail.  You can order a virgin mojito for example, and add a few drops of our natural dark rum flavoring to deliver the entire flavor and none of the alcohol or carbs.

Yum Drops® "alcohol flavoring is 1/2 oz of your favorite alcohol flavoring in a food grade quality, Boston Round bottle.  Product retails for $6.95 and there are 75 servings per bottle, only pennies a serving. 

Easy and fun to use and truly delivers on the entire alcohol flavorings.   You control the strength by number of drops you use.  Our products have 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat, O Salt.  You can carry them in your purse, pocket or throw them in your golf bag- when you wish you had something to make that virgin cocktail taste like the real thing! 

Next time your sitting at a bar, order a virgin margarita and add a few drops of our natural alcohol flavoring.  It won't get you intoxicated, nut you will swear you are drinking the real mccoy!

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Flavors available:

  • Dark Rum

  • Brandy

  • Bourbon

  • Irish Creme

  • Kaluha type coffee liqueurs

  • Amaretto

  • Tequila



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Alcohol Flavorings For Diabetics And Weight Loss

Here is the simple truth. When it comes to the real deal, alcohol, diabetes and weight loss: some things just don’t mix.

Who doesn’t like to end the day with their favorite alcoholic beverage: wine, beer or hard liqueurs? Alcohol exists in our word and it’s become the center of many of life’s activities and celebrations. You get a promotion, and it’s off to dinner to celebrate with friends and a cocktail. You play a round of golf or tennis, and you sit in the bar after with friends to talk about the day, over your favorite alcoholic cocktail. That is a perfect example of how alcoholic beverages are the center of our everyday lives.

Truth be told, while it might be hard to find any health institution that would recommend drinking alcohol, the AD A and the American Heart Association, as well as others like the American Cancer Society all agree, that consuming alcohol in very light to moderation is OK for most people.

People with diabetes or weight watchers should limit alcoholic beverages. Here’s why. Beverages that contain alcohol are converted into fats and are high in calories. Neither of the two is very good for either diabetes or losing weight. So let’s take another look at understanding alcohol and diabetes in general, and then review some options for you in alcoholic free beverages that are now available.

A recent study shows that alcohol produces a large redistribution of blood flow within the pancreas. It appears alcohol sends more blood to a region of the pancreas know as the islets and attacks the beta cells. The islets contain cells and the main role of those cells is to make insulin, the essential hormone reducing blood sugar levels. The beta cells produce insulin, and it helps turn the food you eat into fuel for your cells. Without it, you must take insulin shots every day to live. Over stimulating your beta cells by consuming alcohol could be at the source of the problem.

The recommendation the journal makes is an obvious one. Avoid drinks with alcohol, especially ones high in sugar content, to avoid even further complications. These beverages include hard liquor mixed with high fructose mixes, wine coolers, sweet wines, cordials and beers.

If you are experiencing other medical problems as a result of your diabetes then it is best to skip alcohol altogether. Always remember to discuss these subjects with your doctor before doing anything different with your diets.

Nothing seems to ever be the last word. If you enjoy the flavors and tastes of your favorite cocktails, cordials or liqueurs, what else can you do when a virgin cocktail is not your preferred choice? There is a fair selection of choices out there if you look for them. Non-alcohol beer is a perfect example, and there are plenty of options in most grocery stores.

When it comes to the actual tastes of rum and soda, or an Irish coffee, what choices do you have for alcoholic beverages with no alcohol? The answer to alcoholic beverages with no alcohol is all in the flavoring. Search natural alcohol flavorings or flavor concentrates and you will find some of the more popular alcohol flavorings with none of the alcohol, like cordials and liqueurs out there. Stay away from syrup flavorings that may contain sugar.

Natural flavor concentrates are available as flavor drops and include some of the more popular alcohol free flavors: dark rum, Irish Crème, coffee liqueurs and even amaretto. Now you can have all of the tastes and flavors of rum and cola, or a mojito, and none of the alcohol. Always choose natural flavoring concentrates with no carbs or calories.

Next time you are with your friends sharing a moment or celebrating an occasion, ask for a virgin mohito and add your own natural rum flavoring drops. Or, for a pick me up mid afternoon delight, try a cup of coffee and make your own Irish crème or amaretto coffee. These alcohol flavorings with no alcohol deliver all of the taste and none of the alcohol.

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Remember, Yum Drops© Flavoring has:

  • 0 calories

  • 0 carbohydrates                                                   

  • 0 fats                                                                                                                                                          

  • 0 salt

Yum Drops© Flavoring is great for:   

  • Weight Loss

  • Diabetes

Stevia Natural Sweetener is great for"

  • Diabetics
  • Weight Loss                                                                                                                                                                                    (Stevia logo image)
  • For baking and cooking and is heat Stable to 390 degrees
  • Naturally sweetening foods and beverages


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