Flavored coffee

Yum Drops® Flavor Drops For Coffee Makes Perfect Flavored Coffee Every Time

The battle for flavored coffees competes in these markets and the consumers choice is at the conclusion:

  • Syrups for flavored coffee
  • Creamers for flavored coffee
  • Coffees for flavored coffee
  • Flavor drops, natural flavor concentrates coffee

Before we go into the differences between these types of coffee flavorings, let's look at some of the basic flavorings on the market.  It helps set the stage for what follows.  Hazel Nut, French vanilla and Chocolate are like, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry when it comes to ice cream.  Know matter what they say, no matter what you think, consumer preferences dominate those three flavors. 


French Vanilla Chocolate Mint Raspberry Hazel Nut Belgium Chocolate





The flavor spectrum is as wide as the universe and only limited by your imagination, or tastes for something different and unique.  Truth be told, Pareto Rules here to.  20% of the flavors represent 80% of the flavorings purchased.  Take the flavor drops we have available for coffee and they represent over 95% of consumer purchases for flavored coffee.  What's that all mean to you...

...well you might think hazel nut/vanilla is a great flavor drop for coffee and quite frankly it tastes pretty good.  But you just can't take a steady diet of it and chances are the flavor will lose its strength before you can ever use it up.  For you that means no value.  But, lets not stop there.

Flavorists blend flavors for coffee by mixing basic flavors with popular tastes.  With the right mix of basics and popular, you can probably make a combination of 25 different flavor drops for coffee.  You can look at this list and with the exception of one flavor amaretto that is on its way in, you can make dozens and dozens of flavor drop combinations. 

Back to the competitive arena and the different types of coffee flavoring profiles:

Syrups for flavored coffee-There are many brands of flavored coffee syrups available today. Some of the major brand names are Monin, Da Vinci, Torani, Dolce, Stirling, and Senza.  They are all great syrups and excellent quality.  The two major factors that determine the quality of the syrups are sweetness or sugar content and flavor concentration.  Syrups struggle between delivering the balance of enough flavoring and sweetness and sweetness tends to prevail and why they are called syrups and not flavoring concentrates.  Natural or artificial never seems to be expressed.

Creamers for flavored coffee-We all know these dairy and non dairy based flavors for coffee added to creamers.  They work great.  I personally enjoy half and half with hazel nut and I drink plenty of it.  But, and I say but, I can't really take a steady diet of it all the time.  Sometimes that means I'd like just half and half.  Well that means we either purchase plain and flavored coffee creamers or someone is stuck on the same flavor treadmill until it's finished.  That's not very convenient and sometimes I se a flavor like vanilla in the creamer and now I'm stuck with no creamer because quite frankly, I think vanilla flavored coffee is too sweet.  Though its probably the one of the top three flavored coffees

Coffees for flavored coffee-  Very expensive and very committed.  If you like one flavor and no choices this is a good alternative.  Tastes great but its neither convenient to have on the go whenever you want it and when it comes to flavored coffee, it comes at a premium price.

Flavor drops for flavored coffee-new to the market.  Very convenient and very flavorful.  Your choice lies between natural or natural or artificial.  Fact of the matter, you can say pure flavoring, you can say all natural but regulatory requirements rules say you can't say natural flavoring concentrates unless they are in fact natural with no article flavorings. 

You control the strength of flavoring by number of drops you use.  The more drops the stronger the flavorings.  Now you can have your favorite flavored coffee the way you want it each and every time.  Never too weak or never too strong, just right each and every time!!!

I can't speak for the competition but I can say Yum Drops® flavoring concentrates for coffee are natural flavorings with a just a pinch of stevia natural sweetener to enhance the taste experience and not to sweeten the flavoring.  We use gras stevia that allows us to use stevia as an ingredient and not a dietary supplement.  Make sure the label says stevia extract RA 97.  That's the formulation the FDA has approved as gras: generally regarded as safe and allowed as an ingredient. What's a hint?  With 600 drops in a 1/2 oz bottle of flavored drops for coffee, there is less than 6 drops per bottle.

Yum Drops® flavor drops for coffee are great tasting and their aromas are heavenly.  We use the richest natural flavors available to make you coffee flavored experience a pleasant one.  Easy to take with and use anytime anywhere.  0 Calories, 0 Carbs, 0 Fats and 0 Salts. One 1/2 oz bottle provides 75 servings per 8 oz cup.  That's pennies a serving.  Extremely convenient to take with you: throw it in your purse, the car or your packet.

Conclusion:  We think the clear winner can only be you, the consumer!  But the choice is yours and the vote is yours.  You now have the market the way existed and we expanded it to give you a natural flavor concentrate that is more flavorful, convenient to carry and even easier to use...


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